The Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions

So you have your hairstyle figured out thanks to, , an article that helped you discover the best hair curling irons. Beauty doesn’t stop there though, you can’t forget about your eyelashes!

If you’re not born with full, thick and naturally-long eyelashes but with sparse, barely there lashes, you may consider eyelash extensions, just like some of your girlfriends who already did, making you green with envy.

Before moving any further, know that false lashes and lash extensions are two different things. Unlike false eyelashes you apply at home, eyelash extensions are applied by a beauty expert, taping down lower lashes to avoid sticking together and individually applying faux lashes to your actual lashes, although real lashes can also be used in extensions.

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Prior to booking an appointment with Beauty Express, we recommend you read on the pros and cons of getting lash extensions because they do have their ups and downs just like other beauty procedures.

Pros of Eyelash Extensions

  • They enhance appearance: Lash extensions, available in colours and lengths, are perfect for a fabulous fashion model look, making you party- and date- ready all the time! They also look more natural than mascara, opening up your eyes that look awake and refreshed no matter how rough a day is.
  • They last long: Get out the door fast without applying mascara or using curling lashes anywhere between three weeks to a couple of months. And because you don’t have to apply mascara, you save on makeup, too, while consistently flaunting a runway look.
  • They save time on makeup: Eyelash extensions do not only look gorgeous, but they also save your time in applying makeup every single day, as you can skip on eye makeup and mascara with them on.
  • They are versatile to fit any occasion: Looking natural and blending well with your appearance, lash extensions are for any occasion and accenting them with coloured or clear mascara is a cinch! And because they’re of different types and thicknesses, you can select a casual or dressed up eyelash extensions with your favourite mascara colour, which application is very easy, too, anytime.

Cons of Eyelash Extensions

  • They may be time-consuming: Application takes time at least an hour with your eyes tapped shut. Time constraints (busy schedule, commitments…) are some factors why some women don’t have the chance to get lash extensions.
  • They may pose health risk: The glue used to fasten the lash extensions can cause allergic reactions and even eye infections if extensions are improperly maintained. You don’t have to worry though, as Beauty Express gives every client aftercare and maintenance advice and tips for safety and proper care.
  • You may have limited makeup choices: Bear in mind wearing eyeshadow and eyeliner isn’t ideal with eyelash extensions and you have to use a non-oily makeup remover if you cannot help but wear makeup. To keep longer-lasting extensions, you may want to forgo mascara due to its weight causing the glue to lose its adherence; otherwise, you can use waterproof coloured or clear mascara only on the tips to add length, if desired.
  • They may not be ideal for someone with an active or sporty lifestyle: If you’re a gym chic or a swimmer, let’s say, extensions may not be for you because frequent bathing and sweating weakens the bond from the glue.
  • They may look unnatural: Extensions are naturally-looking but extremely long, bottom applied lashes may come out looking unreal. But if you really want that look, you still can, by all means.
  • They need regular maintenance: They should be tuned up at least every three weeks, as growth cycle of eyelashes come anywhere between three to six weeks. In this case, reapplication of extensions is needed, ideally every three to four weeks.

But then to get the full benefits and minimise downsides of eyelash extensions, lasik NYC is here to advise and guide you on their proper care and maintenance.

Do you think we missed an important benefit or drawback of eyelash extensions? Have you had them before? How was your experience? Share your story in the comment section below.


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