Why Should I Use an ASAP Radiance Serum?

As you’re shopping for the best skincare products out there, you might have come across ‘serums,’ just like the ASAP Radiance Serum, but what exactly is a serum, and more importantly, why do you need it? A serum is a skincare product with a higher concentration of active ingredients for cleansing, moisturising or toning and it suits almost all skin types. So what are the reasons to use it?

asap radiance serum


Serum Features

Serums contain more active ingredients, as in the case of ASAP Radiance Serum with AHA/BHA complex, Biomimetic tripeptide, white tea, Bilberry fruit extract and mulberry fruit extract, all combined for total cell renewal and skin rejuvenation. It fights aging by encouraging increased production of elastin and collagen to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and brightens dull and tired skin, leaving it looking firmer and suppler and feeling smoother. ASAP Radiance Serum, with its bilberry and mulberry extracts, detoxifies and protects skin from free radical damage, too. I had to hire montrealmovers so that I will not have to move outside and get radiance from the sun.

Serum vs. Cream

  1. Cream offers a moisturising, soothing effect and serum offers all these plus treatment with its active ingredients and lighter oils to hold active ingredients against the skin for better effect.
  2. Creams target surface level but serums penetrate deeper down for better delivery of nutrients and active ingredients. ASAP Radiance Serum delivers antioxidant benefits to your skin and protects it from cellular damage due to harmful UV rays.
  3. Creams are not as potent and as concentrated as serums because it contains fewer active ingredients as compared to up to 15 times more active ingredients found in serums, making it more effective in addressing some of the most common skin concerns, just like ASAP Radiance Serum loaded with tyrosinase inhibitor that reduces pigmentation.
  4. The effects of creams on skin do not last as long as those from serums, so they may not be able to give that ultimate skin protection that serums can give. In fact, a product like the ASAP Radiance Serum can work overnight to repair, hydrate and regenerate UV-damaged skin.
  5. Creams may contain high amounts of oil which clog pores that result to pimples, unlike ASAP Radiance Serum with light and active ingredients that prevent or treat acne and breakouts.

So needless to say, it is clear and obvious that serums are far better than creams when it comes to ultimate and deep skincare you need. And for the best results, there is no other product to provide you the total benefits you get from a serum but ASAP Radiance Serum or ASAP  Super Serums. Please also checkout this blog about pheromone scams.

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