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  1. Bust Performance 50ml

    Bust Performance 50ml

    An ultra-strength tensor in a lightweight, silky gel-cream that melts into the skin formula. His secret: a Phytolift-Calcium complex that acts as a real rectifier breasts.

    The tightening effect is immediate, with use bust find a more harmonious curves and the way stretch marks are reduced.

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  2. Celluli Ultra Performance 200ml

    Celluli Ultra Performance 200ml

    An ultra-concentrated formula: fat-aspirating active ingredients drain orange-peel skin and prevent its reappearance.

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  3. Deodrant Douceur

    Deodrant Douceur

    This treatment is a transparent lotion which delays the onset and reduces body odor: respiration is controlled throughout the day. Soft texture enriched with soothing ingredients, Deodorant Douceur is recommended for all skin types.

    Apply daily every morning and / or evening after cleansing for perfect health and long life.

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  4. Deodrant Ultra Douceur

    Deodrant Ultra Douceur

    Ultra-Gentle deodorant brings you a double guarantee: the deodorant security with a regulatory formula and effective antiperspirant for 24 safety and softness with an alcohol-free formula that respects the most sensitive skin. 

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  5. Douceur Pieds (Foot) 125ml

    Douceur Pieds (Foot) 125ml

    An ultra-fresh gel powder which makes the happiness of tired feet, battered and damaged. Minutes of massage a day and formula "spa" gives you up! Its formula cleanses and absorbs wetness sensation, cools and refreshes and saves dry and cracked feet. The effect "plus": a magical texture that transforms into a powdery veil and satin. Learn More
  6. Elixir Beauty Oil 100ml

    Elixir Beauty Oil 100ml

    Payot Elixir Beauty Oil repairs, nourishes, softens and beautifies the body, face and hair, while ensuring long-lasting protection against drying and dehydration.

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  7. Gommage Douceur Body Scrub 200ml

    Gommage Douceur Body Scrub 200ml

    Gentle Scrub for the body is a delicious cream scrub both cleansing, exfoliating and draining: it helps refine skin texture and remove dead skin cells while promoting skin micro circulation.

    Its exfoliating beads double action associated with Tea extracts and Hematite act synergistically to restore smoothness, shine and softness to your skin.

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  8. Hydration 24 Corps 400ml

    Hydration 24 Corps 400ml

    Hydrating, firming treatment for a youthful body

    With its rich, non-oily texture, this protective skincare treatment provides hydration around the clock. With its continuous release hydro-diffusing system, it helps the skin maintain its natural moisture level while acting on skin firmness to help preserve a youthful body.

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  9. Lift Performance 200ml

    Lift Performance 200ml

    Drawing on cutting-edge research on the benefits of calcium on the skin, the new Bodylift-Calcium complex combines the fortifying power of calcium with powerful firming firming ingredients for effective firming unprecedented.

    Care ultra-sheathing an amazing voluptuous texture, Lift-Performance restructures deep and surface for a real "facelift" of the body effect. It re-sculpt volumes, tones and prevents skin slackening. It improves the elasticity of the skin by providing immediate comfort and softness.

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  10. Nutiricia Intense 200ml

    Nutiricia Intense 200ml

    A smooth and enveloping cream for immediate and prolonged relief. Learn More
  11. Slim Performance 200ml

    Slim Performance 200ml

    To lose weight quickly and effectively, Slim-Performance is the first slimming action of the day.

    Ultra-fresh gel cream and penetrating, it specifically targets the congestion of fat and water in order to refine the silhouette and reduce stubborn fat.

    A unique and optimal formulation, enriched with natural drainage assets that detoxify tissues infiltrated for slimming unprecedented efficiency.

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