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Techni Liss

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  1. Techni Liss Active Creme

    Techni Liss Active Creme

    Find a smooth and smoothed skin and say stop to deep wrinkles!

    Its specific formula mimics the process of repairing the skin to correct the wrinkle true "scars of time" to smooth, plump and fill the skin, reduce the length and depth of wrinkles.

    Its smooth and creamy texture nourishes and softens.

    Day after day, wrinkles appear visibly reduced, the features are retendent, the face is less marked.

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  2. Techni Liss cure (3x10ml)

    Techni Liss cure (3x10ml)

    An expert youth formula for correction of wrinkles in 21 days cycle of cell renewal. Enriched with pure vitamin C, this treatment treats wrinkles, real "scar time," and provides a smoothing program in three progressive phases mimicking the process of skin repair: - preparation and cleaning - dermal stimulation - skin restructuring. Visibly rejuvenated, the skin is restored and the complexion is radiant, smoothed wrinkles. Learn More
  3. Techni Liss First Creme 50ml

    Techni Liss First Creme 50ml

    Keep the freshness of your youth and do not let the first wrinkles appear!

    Its fresh and melting texture moisturizes and softens. Day after day, fine lines and wrinkles appear visibly reduced expression.

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  4. Techni Liss Peel Masque 50ml

    Techni Liss Peel Masque 50ml

    Enjoy a bang and youth in minutes! Peeling mask true renovator, its formula with a high concentration AHA exfoliates and smoothes the skin surface while boosting its renewal to promote the reduction of wrinkles. Within minutes, the skin regains radiance and amazing freshness, wrinkles are like "erased." The face lights up, the lines are tightened and défatigués. Learn More
  5. Techni Liss Peel Night Creme

    Techni Liss Peel Night Creme

    Transform your skin overnight! Its formula with high concentration of AHA exfoliates and smoothes the surface of the skin while boosting its renewal during the night.

    Its anti-wrinkle active activate the repair process of the skin to treat wrinkles, real "scar time" and overcome the lack of substance.

    Its rich and enveloping texture nourishes and softens the skin. On awakening the skin is rested, it is incredibly smooth and radiant, like "renovated".

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  6. Techni Liss Regards 15ml

    Techni Liss Regards 15ml

    Treat yourself to instant bright eyes! Adapted for the delicate eye contour, Payot Techni Regard smoothes away crow’s feet and reduces dark circles and puffiness.

    This light fluid texture reinforces the benefits of the advanced ingredients for eyes to look visibly younger, rested and decongested.

    The Result: Eye contour area is smoothed and the eyes are brighter.

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