Things Every Man Should Know Before Getting a Wax

Also called male bikini waxing, male waxing is a grooming treatment for men to get rid or clean up ipl hair removal on chest, butt and nether regions and is surging in popularity for a lot of men, including to those in the modelling and bodybuilding community, due to numerous benefits they get from it, such as enjoying a clean-looking, smooth skin.

male waxing

So if you’re hairy looking like you are wearing a sweater even when you’re not, male waxing may be for you. But what are the points to consider before it? Here we go.

Exfoliation: Do not have waxing procedure if you are using alpha-hydroxy acid, Salicylic acid, white willow bark extracts because it would be too much exfoliation combined with waxing. Otherwise, your skin might bleed or turn scabby or red. Skip these products three days before your appointment and then three to four days after. But if you are using alpha-hydroxy acid (8 %+), wait for a couple of months before getting waxed.

What to wear for treatment: Pick comfortable, loose-fitting cotton clothes to avoid skin irritation.

Skin redness: Male waxing causes redness, which fades away after a few hours. See a doctor if it doesn’t.

Shaving: Forgo the trimmers and grow your hair at least 1/4 inch before an appointment so that wax can adhere better for an easier hair removal.

Calmness: Relax and feel comfortable, dude! Ward off awkwardness and get a pleasurable experience, listening to your iPod or texting, while the technician is performing the procedure.

Frequency: Waxing is maintained every four to six weeks because hair needs to grow at least five millimetres. But, according to the statistics on,  some men have a back wax every three weeks and others every two months.

Hair growth: With constant waxing, hair will stop growing after four to six years.

Pain: Male waxing hurts, but it is temporary, as the pain normally goes away after a couple of hours. To deal with pain, take an over-the-counter analgesic or apply a topical cream thirty minutes before your appointment. Also much of the procedure will be done while lying prone, so you might want to check in with your doctor first especially if you have back problems.  We recommend the best chiropractic in Tampa for consulations.

Sunburn: Never get waxed if you’ve been exposed in the sun for long hours and if you caught sunburn.

Taking clothes off: It is necessary unless you want to get wax all over your clothes, but you can keep your shirt on if you’re doing only your crack and shaft. Drop them all if you don’t care going bare.

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  • Beauty Express does not recommend waxing if you have an infectious skin condition. You will have to wait until it is cleared for your own safety.
  • We do not advise male waxing if skin is sun burnt, broken or chafed or if it is treated with steroid creams and/or retinoid acne medications within the last three months.
  • Waxing isn’t ideal for men with severe haemophilia, lymph oedema and diabetes unmanaged by diet and medication.
  • Beauty Express does not perform waxing for men taking treatments, including Roaccutane, but advises clients to wait six months after the medication prior to hair removal.

We hope you find these tips before male waxing useful, but feel free contacting us or writing your comments below if you have questions or if you think we missed other important tips here.

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